Apr 18, 2011

Righthaven v. Veteran, Denise Nichols

The news is out that Righthaven LLC is scum is crawling out of the gutters of Las Vegas suing bloggers and veterans.

Over the weekend news broke that Righthaven LLC has misrepresented on numerous occasions in federal court that it "is the owner of the copyright in and to the Work" that it claims to have been infringed upon by numerous defendants, including one Denise Nichols, a Vietnam-era and Gulf War veteran, and retired nurse.

Righthaven has misfired again. This time targeting a veteran who spends her time when she is not recuperating from service-connected ailments: Helping other veterans.

Nice job, Righthaven.

Nichols has a lot of friends and they sure don't like you. Here's some more advice: Crawl back into your gutters and get the hell out of Denise's way!

Here's a bio of Ms. Nichols.

Maj. Denise Nichols, Vietnam era and Gulf War veteran, retired nurse, MSN, retired US Air Force Flight Nurse Clinical specialist in cardio-vascular nursing, served on the nursing faculty of several universities around the country. Denise has been active in research and advocacy in the areas of Gulf War Illness and Agent Orange. Denise has testified before Congress many times, has been interviewed nationally and internationally and is an outspoken advocate for Americas veterans.

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