Apr 11, 2011

GOP Plays Disaster Games with America

Not content to leave us with the Bush-Cheney debt, Republicans now wish to inflict more disaster upon the American people.

Republicans Take Risk in Debt-Ceiling Brinkmanship (Silver) as PIMCO [Pacific Investment Management Company, LLC (commonly called PIMCO)], a large global investment management firm, shorts U.S. government-related debt. (Reuters)

PIMCO has shifted to a short position in U.S. government-related debt in the world's largest bond fund, while also raising cash holdings in a sign of the asset manager's serious concerns about the U.S. fiscal outlook.
These idiots are purposefully inflicting harm on the American economy, though in 2003-and on as Bush-Cheney took aim at America's fiscal health, the GOP was only too happy raise the debt ceiling repeatedly.

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