Apr 9, 2011

GOP Hates Democracy; It's That Simple

Update: See Some [Rightwing] Media Knew Details of Waukesha Voting Glitch Before State Election Authorities.

As the GOP considers how to suppress votes with their anti-democratic and anti-Constitutional (Wisconsin's) Voter I.D. and End Same Day Voter Registration bills, notice the lack of GOP protest over the action of Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus.

If the Dane County clerk had declared counting votes to be his/her private fiefdom, secret and accountable to no one, he or she would driven from office and cast as a fool and betrayer of democracy.

Not the GOP,  Nickolaus just guaranteed her future in the Party by declaring her commitment to getting power with no consideration of democracy.

Regardless of whether Nickolaus turns out to be as incompetent as she claims, the GOP again stands exposed as holding Wisconsin democracy in contempt. That is: Not a GOP-only club. Rather a process predicated upon values and rights.

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