Mar 16, 2011

Unions and Public Workers in Fond du Lac County Strong

Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac eviscerated their workers after an announced crisis in 2009.

Now, Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Randy Walker (Fond du Lac) and the GOP seemed to have learned a thing from the pros about how to scream crisis, deplete the livelihood of families, and make the public pay for it.

Most folks in Fondy from the 1970s know well the union-hostile stance of Mercury Marine, Giddings and Lewis Manufacturing Company; and the many businesses targeting the steel workers and machinists the last 40 years.

But Unions are still alive in Fond du Lac County and so are public workers.

A stat bandied about now is that Fond du Lac County ranks second among Wisconsin counties in per capita public workers.

No confirmation on this but it seems true speaking to folks in this rural district, a markedly German area with a beer culture and Wisconsin niceness surpassing most communities.

A stop yesterday at 10 houses on Winnebago Drive looking over the Lake indicates most people like teachers, know a teacher, or have a teacher in the immediate family, and say are happy to recall Sen. Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac), and "that Scott Walker" too.

Unions are not regarded as devils and certainly teachers, cops, firemen/EMTs are seen as the people who glue the community together.

Yes, Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Randy Walker (Fond du Lac) and the GOP have learned a thing or two from the pros about how to scream crisis, devastate families, while assuming heady-handed state control of communities, whether they like it or not. They don't.

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