Mar 24, 2011

Tony Galli: Randy Hopper's girlfriend leapfrogged others who formally applied for state job

When it comes to Scott Walker's cabinet hiring state public workers like Sen. Randy Hopper's (R-Fond du Lac) girlfriend, it's all about who you know and who you know.

From Tony Galli [widely regarded as the the best investigative journalist in Madison] at WKOW27 News:

State records released to WKOW27 News show candidates for various jobs in Governor Walker’s administration were passed over despite recommendations from high-level officials, while a woman with ties to Sen. Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) was hired to a position with an immediate salary increase, without formally being recorded as a job applicant.

Officials said Valerie Cass, 26, was hired to a limited term communications specialist position in the department of regulation and licensing last month at a pay rate thirty five percent higher than the worker she replaced because the position’s duties were expanded to include legislative outreach activities. Cass’ salary is equivalent to $42,328 annually. Sources confirmed Cass has a relationship with Hopper, who is estranged from his wife and in the midst of a pending divorce matter. Hopper has denied to WKOW27 News playing any role in Cass’ hire. ...

Cass’ resume released to WKOW27 News listed a journalism degree from Marquette University [Graduated 2007 from the College of Communication; with a Bachelor of Arts; Major in Journalism], a stint as an aide to former state senator Ted Kanavas, and positions with ties to republican political campaigns. A December email released to WKOW27 News shows Cass corresponded with then-transition director Keith Gilkes about procuring unspecified work with the governor’s administration.

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