Mar 17, 2011

Sen. Randy Hopper's Girlfriend Gets State Job; Hopper Dances Around Explanation

via WKOW27Sen. Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) told WKOW27 News he played no role in the recent hire of a state employee.

Sources told WKOW27 News the employee is the same woman Hopper’s estranged wife, Alysia Hopper referred to as Hopper’s mistress in a public statement and in a letter to a radio station. [That woman is Valerie Cass, identified by Blogging Blue. Cass graduated in 2007 from the College of Communication; with a Bachelor of Arts; Major in Journalism from Marquette University.]

26-year-old GOP operative
Department of Regulation and Licensing spokesperson David Carlson said the woman, 26, was hired in February as a limited term communications specialist.

Carlson said he had no details on whether the woman was hired to a newly-created position or a vacant, existing slot. Carlson said he also had no details on the hiring process or the woman’s salary.

Alysia Hopper maintained in a letter to Milwaukee radio station WTMJ Hopper started an affair in Madison and no longer lives at the family home, which Hopper stills lists as his official residence. Alysia Hopper, a travel executive, also said Hopper lives primarily in Madison. ...

In a telephone interview with WKOW27 News, Hopper initially refused to respond to whether he had written a letter of reference or recommendation, or intervened during the woman’s hiring process.

“I want to keep my involvement of anything as a private matter. So, I’m going to maintain that.”

But Hopper later called a WKOW27 News reporter and said he had no involvement in the woman’s hiring.

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