Mar 9, 2011

Scott Walker: Yep, we're lying SOBs; so what?

"Tonight’s trampling of the democratic process in Wisconsin shows that Scott Walker and the Republicans have been lying throughout this entire process and we have been telling the truth – that NONE of the provisions that attacked workers’ rights had anything to do with the budget."
- Phil Neuenfeldt, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Yesterday Karl Rove announced his massive ad buy attacking unions and the Democratic Party.

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald went on Fox News [video below] and admitted ending public-worker collective bargaining is for the political ends of hurting the Democratic Party by hitting a source of funds and support, flatly contradicting past GOP statements.

And Walker and the Republicans admitted ending public-sector collective bargaining has nothing to do with the budget, removing the collective bargaining provision from the "budget repair" bill and passing it Wednesday night.

Message to Wisconsin: We Republicans lie to you and we don't care what you think about it.

Or maybe Walker thinks no one is paying attention. He's wrong.

"National Republicans can't be happy about this overreach: It has galvanized the labor movement, allowed it to restate its case to the public, given Obama an easy way to mend fences with unions, and complicated GOP outreach to blue collar whites in key swing states and districts heading into 2012. This is exactly the sort of conduct that justifies recalls. This will only escalate from here on out, " writes Greg Sargent in the Post.

The Democratic Party and working families will have their response beginning Thursday.

"What do we do now? Everything. Litigation. Organizing. Education. Mobilization. Recall. Direct action," writes Ben Manski.

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