Mar 31, 2011

Rightwingers to Judge Sumi: Go Ahead, I Dare Ya

Wisconsin DOA Sec. Mike Huebsch
Update: Declaration: Wisconsin’s new collective bargaining law has not been published and is not in effect, a judge has ordered. Judge Maryann Sumi ordered Thursday morning that the law “has not been published within the meaning” of Wisconsin law and “is therefore not in effect.” (Spicuzza, WSJ)

Rightwing ideologues backstopped by billionaires and the national GOP believe they can do anything.

One scholarly Dane County Judge, Maryann Sumi, and the people of Wisconsin will likely prove them wrong this week.

"Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch said Wednesday he has a legal obligation to implement all laws passed by the Legislature, signed by Gov. Scott Walker and published into law." (Spicuzza, Barbour, and Treleven in WSJ)

This obligation exists of course despite the clear judicial order that Huebsch halt implementation of the anti-union scheme that does not have the force of law.

In some many words, the orders of a judge are irrelevant, in the view of Walker,  Huebsch, AG Van Hollen and the rest of the regime who decide what the law is.

Further implementation of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 is enjoined, Judge Sumi made clear Tuesday. "Now that I've made my earlier order as clear as it possibly can be, I must state that those who act in open and willful defiance of the court order place not only themselves at peril of sanctions, they also jeopardize the financial and the governmental stability of the state of Wisconsin," Sumi said. ( Treleven and Spicuzza in WSJ)

The GOP regime has other ideas, one of which is that judicial orders are of no legal significance and no consequence.

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