Mar 3, 2011

Call State Capital Police - 608 266 8797

Tell the police you are frustrated with not being able to go and see your state representative and your state senator unobstructed.

"Unprecedented," says State Rep. Terese L. Berceau's office, on the capital police obstruction of constituents.

"Not even 9/11 was like this," said a legislative aide.

State Sen. Fred Risser calls the capitol building has become an "armed fortress." (Nichols)

Sgt. David Horton [GOP tool] contacted by phone Thursday morning, says he's been on the capital police force for 32 years, and that he's just "following orders" [lawful or not] from the higher-ups at the state Department of Administration which is not taking phone calls.

Not good enough.

Call State Capital Police - 608 266 8797, and ask to speak to the chief's office. And keep calling until you get an explanation.

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