Mar 21, 2011

Blogging Blue Is Back Online

Blogging Blue broke a story on March 11 that IDed Sen. Randy Hopper’s (R-Fond du Lac) secret mistress-girlfriend-fellow GOP traveler as Valerie Cass, formerly of the GOP-connected Persuasion Partners, Inc., a right-wing lobbying firm, and now with the Scott Walker administration which gave her a cushy, tax-payer-funded job.

Blogging Blue also broke the fact of Cass' former employment with the state Senate Economic Development Committee, "of which Sen. Randy Hopper happened to be a member."

And he noted Persuasion Partners scrubbed their website on March 11.

For his trouble whether through heavy traffic or a cyber attack, Blogging Blue crashed. They're back!

1 comment:

  1. MAL, thanks for letting folks know we're back up and running, and thanks for all your hard work with this story.

    Congrats by the way on getting mentioned on Maddow tonight!