Feb 18, 2011

Wisconsin Battle Goes National; Reince Priebus Says: "Obama -- Send Your Union Thugs back to DC"

Update: "An agenda of busting public employee unions does not appear to be any sort of budgetary silver bullet, and instead, should just be understood as representing the ancient conservative hostility to unions and workers' rights generally," said Ed Kilgore.

Reince Priebus, Chairman, Republican National Committee, in a fund-raising appeal this afternoon is telling his supporters that Wisconsin families are "union thugs" sent by Organizing for America -- the remnant of the 2008 Obama Campaign and current arm of the Democrat National Committee.

The appeal makes no mention of collective bargaining rights nor the unions' stated intention to negotiate, bargain and offer concessions on pensions, health care and salaries.

The title of the Priebus e-mail is "Obama -- Send Your Union Thugs back to DC."

The Priebus e-mail continues:
Clearly Obama and his DNC cronies are determined to ignore the will of the Wisconsin people and the clear message they sent to the politicians in Madison last November. The Democrats' "politics as usual" tactics of rewarding their leftist special interest allies at the expense of the taxpayers would be tolerated no more. ... [emphasis in original]

Today the fight is in Wisconsin, but soon it will be nationwide.

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