Feb 22, 2011

Walker Poll Numbers in Recall Territory

Gov. Scott Walker's image is that of a guy who's going after your job, not creating more of them

Seven weeks into his term, Scott Walker is facing a minus-10 job rating, and the protests have just begun..

GOP flacks like the Rasmussen poll are a joke, a PR faint, and an indication that the all-GOP legislature and GOP gov are desperate.

This is not a Katrina moment, it's a Nixon-erased-18-minutes-of-the-tapes moment.

GOP senators in swing districts are getting so many calls now, their lines are jammed. The leg hotline has been down since Friday.

For a governor who promised jobs, jobs, jobs, Walker's image is accelerating into that of a craven politician after power, and a guy who is going after your job, not creating more of them.

So, now the GOP is going to push ending same-day voter registration and voter obstruction legislation?

This message will not drive up Walker's numbers; let's see what he has in store tonight in his "fireside chat."

Because I can assure you Wisconsin families are not backing down and neither are the Fab 14.

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