Feb 15, 2011

GOP Offices Hiding from Phone Calls, Hiding from Wisconsinites

Update: Walker lied; "Manufactured" Budget Crisis: The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau reports that projected deficits assume new spending requests by state agencies THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

These are the Republicans who can — make that MUST — do the right thing for Wisconsin (Capital Times), but they are refusing to even pick up the phone. Try it.
  • Eau Claire area — Terry Moulton: Sen.moulton@legis.wisconsin.gov and 608-266-7511
  • Green Bay area — Rob Cowles: Sen.cowles@legis.wisconsin.gov and 608-266-0484
  • La Crosse area — Dan Kapanke: Sen.kapanke@legis.wisconsin.gov and 608-266-5490
  • Ripon area — Luther Olsen: Sen.olsen@legis.wisconsin.gov and 608-266-0751
  • Richland County — Dale Schultz: Sen.schultz@legis.wisconsin.gov and 608-266-0703 
  • Racine area — Van Wanggaard: Sen.Wanggaard@legis.wisconsin.gov and 608-266-1832
  • Sheboygan area — Joe Leibham: Sen.liebham@legis.wisconsin.gov and 608-266-2056
  • Menasha/Fox Valley — Michael Ellis: Sen.ellis@legis.wisconsin.gov and 608-266-0718
  • Fond du Lac area — Randy Hopper: Sen.Hopper@legis.wisconsin.gov and 608-266-5300

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