Feb 11, 2011

GOP Declares War on Wisconsin Citizens

The GOP is targeting Wisconsin citizens who are not working with the GOP political coalition.

Using our state budget, our legislature, the Attorney General's office, seemingly every legal and political lever available, Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans are waging war against political enemies and non-aligned citizens.

Their latest target: Public employees and collective bargaining.

The unions' mortal sin is not being a part of the GOP.

Exceptions are made for favored public employees.

Take Tom Nardelli, a public employee who is on the GOP team, Nardelli was just appointed by Gov. Walker to a $90,000 a year state job. (Xoff - Uppity Wisconsin)

A long-time alder and Walker's former chief of staff in Milwaukee County, Nardelli will now draw at least $100,000 a year in pensions, on top of his $90,000 salary. (Xoff -Uppity Wisconsin)

So, GOP players like Nardelli have it made as it's likely Walker will not call out Nardelli and make noise about his pension, salary and crunching state budgets. Call it budget reform.

Other non-GOP citizens. The working class, the elderly, blacks, Latinos, college students all have one thing in common. They're not with the GOP so screw them. Call it election reform.

Who else can the GOP target? Trial attorneys who fight for consumers against big business. Call it tort reform.

What's the matter with Wisconsin, asks Theo Anderson in In These Times this morning. Good question, Mr. Anderson.

One problem is Mike Tate, chair of the state Democratic Party. Tate cannot get a message out to save his life.

Every media, every editors' phone, every GD telephone poll and kiosk, every talk show, anyone who writes have better get the message out that Wisconsin citizens are under attack by the Republican Party. Like now.

It's going to get worse very soon.

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