Dec 18, 2010

Haaretz: Veterans Today Writer Is Just a "Conspiracy Theorist"

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat Vietnam veteran, among other colorful pursuits.

You know not to ask him about his service, but he's pretty descriptive when he's in the mood to talk. [Duff is pictured at right in 1969 in China Beach.]

One of his topics of concern now-a-days is the war-all-the-time obsession of the state of Israel. Predictably, this has earned him the enmity of a Haaretz columnist who brands Duff as a "conspiracy theorist" this morning.

So to Danna Harman:

  • Yes, Israel has no influence over American foreign policy.
  • Yes, Israel has no Lobby and no power over the U.S. Congress.
  • Israel has no intelligence agencies.
  • Israel has no propaganda machine.
  • Israel is not an occupying power in the occupied territories.
  • Israel does not bulldoze houses.
  • Israel did not kill Rachel Corrie.
  • Israel has never attacked Lebanon and Gaza.
  • Israel has a wonderful human rights record.
  • You get the point: Israel is just a poor country with no military, no imperial ambitions, and certainly nothing but love for Islamic people the world-over.

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