Nov 2, 2010

Election Report From Fitchburg (Dane County) Ward Spells Trouble for GOP

Update: See Dane County couldn’t save Feingold this time

Here's a report from what is typically a relatively low-turnout district in Fitchburg, a city adjacent to Madison in Dane County.

Same-day registrants, with a high teen-20s presence, kept three election registers busy the moment the doors opened up through mid-afternoon, with a crush expected after 5:00.

If this district is at all representative of the turn-out in Madison-centered Dane County, the Republicans are in some serious trouble.

The youth vote is alive and well.

Word is Madison and Fitchburg are expected to exceed 80-plus turn-out.

With long voting lines reported in Milwaukee, when you're watching the results pour in tonight at WTMJ, be advised that Madison wards report in last and late in Dane County.

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