Sep 13, 2010

Walker Is Not a Better GOP Nominee for Dems

What is Joel McNally thinking?

After admitting that Milwaukee media (MJS and talk radio) are in the tank for Scott Walker who is the Milwaukee County executive, McNally says Walker would be the weaker GOP opponent of presumed Democratic nominee Tom Barrett.

2006 General election results for Milwaukee County

Doyle 61.6%
Green 36.7%

If McNally is right, one must presume that Walker would underperform Mark Neumann in Milwaukee County which in 2006 was carried by Gov. Doyle by some 80,000 votes, about half of Doyle's winning margin.

Dane County gave Doyle a 91,000-vote bump in 2006, so again Walker would underperform Mark Neumann in Dane County as well?

Mark Neumann is a right-wing, fully-fledged member of the Tom Reynoldesque religious right, and I'm thinking Walker's arguably libertarian credentials would make him the stronger candidate for the GOP in both Dane County and Milwaukee County.

At least Walker does not have any anti-Catholic baggage to haul around.

But some folks across the political spectrum are sure awfully worried about Mark Neumann being the nominee.

They should not be, unless one believes anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, anti-choice religious zealotry plays well in the new media landscape much different than what Mark Neumann faced in 1998, his last statewide general election race.

Neumann lost that one in '98 and blamed "one county," Dane, as responsible. I think Neumann had a point there.


  1. I have to disagree. Walker's track record, both the already known and the yet to be released will have a much bigger impact on any chance of success Walker hoped to enjoy.

  2. Your facts are right.

    It's the warmth factor that concerns me, and which will ultimately decide vote margins.

    Thinking briefly is: Maintain a Milwaukee edge and expand Dane County's and throwing it the warmth factor:

    Neumann will not be as warm a candidate as Walker--subjective opinion no doubt, absent facts and data. But the electorate by and large does not vote facts and data.