Jun 23, 2010

Sen. Feingold Blowing Away Challenger on Veterans

Once upon a time, Republicans got giddy thinking out loud about their prospects of winning Wisconsin's seat held by Sen. Russ Feingold as they dreamed of taking over the U.S. Senate.

Forget about it. Feingold is killing his presumed challenger with a key constituency: Veterans and advocates.

Feingold's challenger, multi-millionaire Ron Johnson, does not even mention veterans on his campaign website. That's a political-moral mistake with a few wars going on, and troops and Marines still feeling the effects of war decades ago.

From the Friends of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs:
On June 4, 2010, U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) sent his annual update letter to hundreds of members of Wisconsin’s veterans community on his extensive, most recent efforts on issues related to veterans.

Those efforts included:

  • Veterans health care;

  • Vet Centers;

  • Iraq Burn Pits;

  • Veterans Outreach;

  • Veterans Jobs/Employment;

  • Gulf War Illness Research;

  • WWII, Civil War veterans, Alonzo Cushing.

See the full text of the letter, which has been uploaded to the Friends of WDVA document archiveon ScribD (as of today, the archive’s documents have had 3,448 reads).

Among the issues Feingold details is his work on outreach to veterans, a key WDVA-CVSO-Feingold joint initiative that has seen much progress in the last several years.

Feingold’s government website provides more details of his accomplishments for veterans, including his successful championing of two new Vet Centers for Wisconsin, in Green Bay and La Crosse.

Similarly, Feingold’s Senate campaign website has a full page of his efforts and accomplishments for veterans.

Feingold’s opponent in this year’s election, multi-millionaire Ron Johnson, has chosen not to mention or prioritize veterans -- a key constituency -- in his campaign or on his campaign website.

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