Apr 14, 2010

Rasmussen Newest: Ron Paul in Dead Heat with Pres Obama

If anyone needs more evidence that Rasmussen polling arrives at absurd results, consider its latest snapshot of political reality: Rep. Ron Paul is in a statistical dead heat with President Obama in the non-existent race.

From Ed Kilgore at the Democratic Strategist:
In a finding that will probably raise more questions about the pollster than about the poll-ees, Rasmussen has a new survey out that shows Ron Paul in a statistical dead heat with Barack Obama for the presidency in 2012, trailing him by one spare point (41/42).

The poll is of 1,000 'likely voters' (presumably likely 2010 voters), which really makes you wonder about Rasmussen's famously narrow 'likely voter' screen.

And it shows Paul tying the president even though he has relatively weak support among self-identified Republicans; the eccentric opponent of foreign wars and the Federal Reserve System trounces Obama among 'unaffiliated' voters 47/28.

I doubt too many observers will take this poll seriously, though it will be manna from heaven not only for the zealous foot soldiers of the Ron Paul Revolution, but for those who think (including, some might say, Scott Rasmussen) that right-wing libertarian 'populism' is the wave of the future.

But the poll did produce one hilarious write-up, at USAToday. After reporting the numbers, the author (with a nod to the high-riding Senate campaign of Ron's son Rand) says:

'This raises the obvious question: will the Pauls be the next political dynasty, like the Kennedys and Bushes?'

Now that's what I call getting way ahead of the curve!

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