Mar 10, 2010

Teabaggers Are Stupid White People - Video

Teabaggers are the same, old, white, xenophobic, racist garbage. Good for a laugh, but never let racism go by unchallenged. Cuéntame -- "a place for Latinos and the public in general to connect with fellow fans, bloggers, activists, artists, musicians, journalists" challenges the racism of the Teabaggers.


As hosts of Cuéntame we want to tell you a bit about ourselves, the project and about our latest campaign against Tea Party racism and violence.

Both Ofelia and I have seen with great sadness and frustration how Tea Partiers have unjustly and unfairly targeted the Latino community to further their political agenda. This is why our latest campaign exposing Tea Party racism has hit a nerve, not only within the Latino community but also with many folks across the country who like us are fed-up of all the hatred, the violence and the bigotry peddled by teabaggers.

From calling Mexicans 'filthy, stinking animals,' to listening the likes of Tom Tancredo and Sarah Palin deliver hateful speech after hateful speech to the increase use of violence in their words and actions, Teabaggers have come out in full force against our community.

We are fed up and are ready to fight back. You can help us not only by watching and spreading our videos, but also by joining our [FaceBook] page ... and recruiting your friends - Latino or not - to do the same.

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