Jan 23, 2010

State Journal Buries GOP Senate Candidate Tax Scandal

Update: Rightwing radio pans Terrence Wall.

"Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terrence Wall has not paid personal state income taxes in nine of the last 10 years (because Wall had no tax liability), according to state Department of Revenue figures obtained from the liberal group One Wisconsin Now (OWN) (last week)." (Wisconsin State Journal, Jan 23, 2010; Mary Spicuzza)

But the editors of the State Journal placed the story on the bottom of page three of the Local section in the hard copy of this morning's (Saturday) newspaper. WisPolitics ran the story on Jan 16 and an online Politics Blog report by Spicuzza ran on Jan. 18, last Monday.

Let's hope for some more prominent campaign coverage in the State Journal even if the coverage puts leading GOP candidates in an unfavorable light.

OWN's campaign exclusive last week comes as the GOP aggressively tries to redefine Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Middleton) from maverick to publicity seeker and Democratic Party lackey.

Here are the pieces the State Journal editors front-page today instead of the politically damaging Wall scandal:

- L'Etoile restaurant will move and broaden its menu

- Middleton developer wants a 10-foot-high sculpture in corporate park, complete with two pictures, including an 8 1/2"- 5" shot, and some 129 words in three cutlines (picture captions)

- And a legit front-page story about a possible uptick in heroin use among Wisconsin youth

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