Jan 17, 2010

Fighting for Their Rights

Americans hated and later proven to have been rational and morally worthy, right, in their views are many. And a few need to be especially remembered.

Today is Muhammed Ali's birthday. Ali was the avowed enemy of the provincial, xenophobic, and dogmatic who despised his commitment to determine his own religion, his opposition to the obscene Vietnam War, and his commitment to civil rights. Ali was proven right in his life by history, by facts.

Monday is Martin Luther King day. King was also despised by many for opposing the obscene Vietnam War, and for his championing of civil rights, equality, and social justice. King and millions of other Americans were proven right.

In California today, a landmark civil rights trial is under way, Perry vs. Schwarzenegger, in which civil rights petitioners demand their rights and claim their liberty to marry just like any other Americans. As the attorneys in the case, David Boise and Ted Olson have spoken out eloquently for gay rights being the great civil rights issue of our time.

The marriage equity-civil rights community, energetic and growing, will be proven right and those who are provincial, xenophobic, and hateful will ultimately fail in their despicable attempt to deny a class of Americans their due process and equal protection of the law under the United States Constitution.

Keep up on developments at the American Foundation for Equal Rights and read the legal filings of these civil rights plaintiffs.

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