Jan 13, 2010

The Catholic Church's Moral Bankruptcy

Archbishop Jerome Listecki is off to a deplorable start as he continues the cover-up of child sex abusers by the Catholic Church.

He condemns a bill that would eradicate the statute of limitations on civil actions by victims of child sex abusers, like priests, under employ of the Catholic Church.

Incredibly, Listecki says the Catholic Church is the victim here [suffering the "injustice of targeting the Catholic church"] and that the bill would bankrupt Catholic dioceses throughout the state.

How about moral bankruptcy? How about selling off some property to pay victims for what the Church has done?

Listecki makes it clear that absolutely nothing has changed since the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal first broke and that the Catholic Church is devoid of compassion for its many victims.

Hey Listecki, how about letting the light shine in?


  1. I refer to your article on the Catholic Church's moral bankruptcy.The fact that the Catholic Church is against a bill that would eradicate the statute of limitations on civil actions by victims of child sex abusers, like priests, under employ of the Catholic Church is deplorable. As for the church claiming that they can go bankrupt is almost laughable as the Vatican is sitting on billions of dollars while at the same time begging for donations from their faithful, some of whom have little money. The suggestion of selling property is an excellent idea.
    What would Jesus of Nazareth say if He came to the Earth and saw what the church – which claims to speak for Him – has made of His life’s work? Why can’t they live as Jesus of Nazareth taught? Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is within, not in external treasures that accumulate moths and dust. Perhaps the church is feeling the affects of its causes and is now held to accountability for what it has sown. The fruits are now revealing themselves in what has manifested with the current Sexual abuse scandals. One may ask the question, what other skeletons are in their closet that is yet to be revealed? Also, much of their so called wealth that they are now so afraid of loosing was obtained through their unlawfully during the crusades and Inquisitions of the past.

    I find honest the view of a small group in Germany called "The Free Christians for the Christ of the Sermon on the Mount in All Cultures Worldwide." They have taken the Catholic Church to task and have filed a lawsuit against the Archbishopric of Freiburg as representing the Catholic Church, enjoining it from continuing to call itself "Christian." Their arguments are sound and quite valid and available for study. The pervasive child abuse of clerics within the church is one reason why they do not want to remain silent any longer on the, as they put it, "brazen labelling fraud," with which "Christ is mocked and His name abused to such an extent." Perhaps your readers would like to check them out: www.christ-or-church.de

  2. Thank you, I'll give it a look, though if the Church came clean, the next thing the Pope might do is stop praying for the conversion of Jews and instead offer a weekly apology for the Catholic Church's anti-Semitic crusades.