Nov 17, 2009

Democratic Strategist Blows It

James Vega has a piece in the Democratic Strategist arguing in essence: If there is an escalation in Afghanistan—progressives, peace-minded folk and those just plain not wanting to see our troops kill and be killed should all be happy because President Obama has performed as though we do not live in a military junta. "Obama’s strategic review this fall may be seen by historians as the moment when America first began to 'step on the breaks' to slow the 'Long War' and Progressive and anti-war Democrats should keep this clearly in mind as they express their understandable disappointment and frustration," writes Vega.

What a tortured piece of reasoning. Is that what we can expect from Democrats defending the indefensible?

Sure, there is an escalation (if that happens), but Obama acted as though he had a choice. Most reassuring Mr. Vega.

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