Oct 10, 2009

GOP in Free Fall, Analysis Shows

Even as we berate President Obama for failing to reverse Bush/Cheney on major policy areas, the GOP is racking up Nixonian negatives, a Democracy Corps survey shows.

The GOP favorable/unfavorable rating is twice as negative as on Election Day 2008, with increasing numbers of Americans seeing the GOP as too political and dishonest.

The Democracy Corps survey data and analyses were concluded before the GOP made a collective ass of themselves when Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Price this week.
The latest Democracy Corps survey finds just 30 percent with a favorable opinion the GOP, while 44 have an unfavorable opinion.

That -14 point net approval rating is nearly twice as bad as it was on Election Day in 2008. Moreover, the net 17-point favorability gap between the two parties is down only slightly from Election Day 2008 and is still substantially larger than when Democrats secured their first of two successive wave victories on Election Day in 2006.

As Obama's enemies self-destruct, it's past time for the administration to be bold and let powerful forces, the American people, come to his political aid.

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