Sep 10, 2009

Did Merc Union Negotiator Receive Death Threats

Update: See Roger Bybee's piece at In These Times: "(W)orkers and their families soon came under enormous pressure to reconsider [the new contract with 'more than 170 changes' as] ... unbearable pressure ... [and] profound worry about their families' futures" seized the (IAM) Local 1947 made out to be the fall guy by Mercury officials. Such pressure did not grip Dustan E. McCoy, Chief Executive Officer of Brunswick Corporation. McCoy in 2008 ... raked in $9,334,343 in total compensation."

Brunswick's stock (BC) is up 162 percent since early July.

In the wake of tens of millions of dollars in state, county and city incentives for Mercury Marine to retain and increase its manufacturing jobs in Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac is breathing a sigh of relief.

But word around the campfire is that the third union vote held last week after lead (IAM) Local 1947 union negotiator Dan Longsine announced his resignation was preceded by several threats made against Longsine's life.

Unconfirmed, but the drama and fear in Fond du Lac these last few weeks certainly makes the rumor seem plausible.

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