Jul 21, 2009

Madison in Top Five Lesbian Meccas

The Advocate asks "What’s a girl to do once she’s crossed off San Francisco, New York, West Hollywood, and Portland?"

Madison comes in at Number Two for things a girl could do.

Madison remains a spear in the side of bigots and morons everywhere, especially the state GOP that still can't believe that the 1960s happened, much less the 40 years hence.

First, they're helping the blacks down south vote, stopping a war and now letting women love, what's next?

Writes Aefa Mulholland:

Another academic hot spot, but also a city with serious political clout, Wisconsin’s capital is the seat of out lesbian representative Tammy Baldwin. The isthmus city (Madison is perched between lakes Mendota and Monona) is a dynamic, welcoming, and active college town of 230,000.

Best spot to meet the girls
You’ll find the U.W. girls -- and the women who teach them -- at the lesbian lounge the Foxhole, a women’s space within LGBT venue Club 5, or cruising shelves at A Room of One’s Own feminist bookstore.

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