Jun 19, 2009

Washington Post Continues Soviet Drift

Dan Froomkin, a consistently independent anti-torture voice and critic of the Bush White House at the Washington Post, has been fired.

The Post's editorial voice has taken a sharp neoconservative turn becoming effectively a propaganda vehicle for the American rightwing, purging critical voices for not "giving readers the most value... ."

Nicole Belle at Crook and Liars and Glenn Greenwald at Salon have the story.

Belle posts the contact info for the Post's Ombudsman Andrew Alexander at: ombudsman@washpost.com.

From Greenwald:

This is what one finds -- just from today -- on the Op-Ed page of The Washington Post, which yesterday fired Dan Froomkin:
* Neocon Charles Krauthammer: attacking Obama for indifference to Freedom in Iran
* Neocon Paul Wolfowitz: attacking Obama for indifference to Freedom in Iran
* Establishment/CIA spokesman and war supporter David Ignatius: demanding that Obama do more to support Freedom in Iran and refuse to negotiate with the Iranian regime
* Bush CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden: warning that America will be in danger if CIA officials involved in torture continue to be criticized and questioned about what they did

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