May 4, 2009

Wisconsin W2 Draws Fire in Israel

The neocon, rightwing government in Israel has adopted Wisconsin's famed welfare-to-work Wisconsin Plan, (W2) and wants to expand it.

But W-2’s not playing quite as well in this economically troubled, militaristic country.

Maybe they should recruit Tommy Thompson to come over to fix things:’Yeah, this is a grate country. W-2 will work for youse too. And those Palestinians, you gotta stick it to ‘em; make their lives a living hell. By the way, geez, you Jews sure do make a lot of money.’

From No 'Wisconsin Plan' in Israel, Says Civil Rights Group:

Four organizations - ACRI, Community Advocacy, Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow and Shomrey Mishpat Rabbis for Human Rights - turned to newly appointed Finance Minister Yuval Shteinitz, urging him not to expand the Lights to Employment Plan(known as Wisconsin Plan) to all regions of the country, as has been announced in the framework of the government's financial emergency plan.

ACRI attorneys Oshrat Maimon and Debbie Gild-Hayo stated that the Wisconsin Plan had been widely criticized for its severe negative impacts on job seekers.

They added that past experience in other countries, where Wisconsin was implemented, shows that the plan failed to contribute significantly to a rise in employment levels and to the reduction of poverty.

In some cases, the Wisconsin Plan had lead to a deterioration in the living conditions of recipients of income support benefits.

'The Wisconsin Plan', said Attorney Maimon, 'was at first a pilot plan implemented in a number of designated localities. It received harsh criticism due to the harm suffered by job seekers, and the violation of their right to live in dignity. Even if positive amendments to the plan have been made, most of these changes have not yet been put to test. It is inconceivable that at this point in time, in such a difficult financial climate, hundreds of thousands of Israeli job seekers will be turned into guinea pigs of this problematic plan'.

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