May 28, 2009

Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories

Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) will present Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories in 2010.

No glory. No George W. Bush and "Mission Accomplished." War sucks and war is a lie.

That's the message from the coming documentary of the veterans who decades later live with the lie, a "sweeping look at the experiences and impact of the Vietnam War on Wisconsin soldiers and civilians with Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories. The project won't air on WPT until 2010, but work has already begun around the state to find veterans who will tell their stories."

It's not too difficult to recognize Vietnam War veterans around Wisconsin. You see them at peace rallies, drinking too much at the Rustic Tavern, and ensconced and isolated in a small house on the south side of Milwaukee. But stealing looks, they all seem to have a consistently haunted look in their eyes that you know better than to ask about.

About this clip Willie Williams of De Forest and David Kies of Verona are just two of the many veterans who are sharing their memories of Vietnam for the latest in WPT’s portrayal of war through firsthand accounts — Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories. Williams served in the 25th Infantry Division in Cu Chi in 1966 and 1967. Kies served with the 173rd Airborne Division during the same period as the ten-year war was heating up.

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