May 14, 2009

Democratic Dittoheads

PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) scream the commenters across the blogs of those who dare criticize the leader.

The issue is Obama's decision to bar release of torture photos, and you are a PUMA if you criticize Barack Obama. The Party merits your unwavering support.

Some of the shall we say less-than-sophisticated Democrats get right in line behind the leader, a la the most unthinking of the Republican mob.

Gleen Greenwald notes today:

Apparently, the proper reaction to heinous acts by our political leaders is not to hold them accountable but, instead, to hide evidence of what they did. That's the warped mentality Obama is endorsing today, and has been endorsing since January 20.

Raul Hilberg and Norman Cohn, were they alive today, would look on in disgust at this mob of the unthinking.

I thought the dittoheads were limited to their side.

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