May 21, 2009

David Broder Gets Worse

Even the most dense of Washington political journalists is taking note of the American people's objection to more war from the Obama administration.

The Dean of the American political journalism, David S. Broder, has a piece out, though of course Broder being Broder manages to miss the point.

To Broder, the cheerleader of George W. Bush and Karl Rove, the ideological "left" needs to learn from the new president as he has learned to prolong the wars going so well. Unmentioned are the lies Bush and the neocons told the world with Broder in tow.

Writes Broder the banal:

In every instance, Obama heeded the advice of his uniformed and civilian defense leaders and in each case but Afghanistan, he abandoned a position he had taken as the Democratic presidential candidate.

The predictable result has been the first sustained outcry from the left, angry denunciations from leaders of constituencies that had been early supporters. They feel betrayed as they watch him continuing, with minor modifications, the policies and practices of his Republican predecessor. ...

Ever since Vietnam, the prevailing ideology of grass-roots Democratic activists has been hostile to American military actions and skeptical of the military itself. Iowa, where the Democratic nomination process begins, is famously tilted toward a pacifist view of war. Throughout the primaries, the pressures push forward candidates who do not challenge that mind-set. ...

Obama's liberal critics are right. He is a different man now. He has learned what it means to be commander in chief.

Peace and non-intervention are ideologies for Broder. More war and following the dictates of the neocons (whom Broder tries to align with the military) is what being president really means.

And Democrats need (like George W. Bush?) to become more acquainted with the military to really understand foreign policy and war, no mention of the chicken hawk neocons again.

It's all going so well in Iraq and Afghanistan and Obama just needs to listen and learn to become commander in chief and things will get even better.

And those lying chicken hawks, the $trillions in war costs, the 100,000s of innocents dead, and the constant pissing on the veterans.

That's just the griping left and the Defeatocrats that don't know better.

Listen to the wise men like Broder, Cheney and Bush who saved us from weapons of mass destruction being flown over America in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) from the "Iraqi dictator (who) must not be permitted to threaten America and the world with horrible poisons and diseases and gases and atomic weapons," as George Bush assured us in the Oct. 7, 2002 speech in Cincinnati.

That was part of the freedom agenda that Broder applauded and cheerleaded without irony or ridicule.

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