Mar 6, 2009

McCain's Nuts, Feingold and Ryan Following

Update: Herbert: "Freaking out over earmarks is like watching a neighborhood that is being consumed by flames and complaining that there is crabgrass on some of the lawns."

Sen. John McCain is like a man on the Titanic complaining to the bartender that there’s not enough vodka in his drink as outside the iceberg approaches.

Reads a fundraising e-mail from McCain complaining about “pork” in a big spending bill (now blocked by Republicans threatening a filibuster in the U.S. Senate) as McCain seeks reelection in 2010:

My Friend, … I have called on the President to take a principled stand and veto the bill if it is sent to him, but unfortunately, he appears ready to sign it into law, which is nothing more than politics as usual.

(I)n nearly 30 years, I have never witnessed the type of alarming and irresponsible spending as I have seen in Washington over the past few weeks. I am appalled to see this legislation being rushed through the Congress while containing so many egregious earmarks. It is unconscionable that while we are asking Americans to do more with less in these trying economic times we are about to spend $1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa, $2 million for the promotion of astronomy in Hawaii ...

"(N)ever witnessed?" Was McCain in Congress the last eight years? "Alarming ... spending?"

Unfortunately, Wisconsin's Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Middleton) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) are joining McCain and spouting this nonsense that dedicated, federally-funded projects are the main problems facing Americans.

Ridiculous. Did you guys happen to read the newest jobs report? Do you know that the Dow has lost some 50 percent of its value over the last few months? Do you know that a world-wide depression is a distinct possibility, if we're not already there?

Feingold and Ryan are embarrassing themselves by teaming up with the self-promoting McCain who is proving again that he really doesn't care about the American people.

Maybe Feingold and Ryan can go tell the folks in Janesville that what they need to be really concerned about is helping our Iowa neighbors who are sick about pig farms (not pleasant). And that workers' losing their jobs as America heads into an uncertain future have to take a backseat.

McCain, Feingold and Ryan are not helping by working against a primary lever to stave off an economic catastrophe, distracting us with a ludicrous diversion that constitutes about one percent of a spending bill.

They are now part of the problem obstructing critical efforts to help Americans.

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