Apr 13, 2007

Bice Runs Data on Biskupic Prosecution

Madison, WI—Biskupic did pursue voter fraud, futilely, writes Bice in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. And he has the data on the prosecutions, and the data do not paint a flattering picture of Biskupic.

Update: Bice's work is doubly important because the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's editorial board is bending over backward to give US Atty Biskupic the benefit of the doubt. And, as their editorial notes, Biskupic does have (or had) a lot of liberal friends in the state.

But let's clear about what is being asked of Biskupic in these matters: Full cooperation from his office, the DoJ and the White House with the judiciary committees, and full production of requested documents for congressional oversight.

We have not had anything like cooperation from Biskupic's overseers, and Biskupic's prosecution-voting fraud data, and an innocent human being like Georgia Thompson, hardly argue towards giving Biskupic the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. Eugene Kane of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel made an excellent point in his column from yesterday (April 12, 2007) that Biskupic, as U.S. Attorney has prosecuted political corruption in a very non-partisan way. However, Mr. Kane makes no mention of the bogus investigations into the "widespread voter fraud" alleged by the Wisconsin GOP.