Apr 6, 2014

Scott Walker, Sen. Ron Johnson Are Amoral

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin)
Protector of rape and sexual battery
Update: See So, Just How Upset Are The Republicans With Bill Kramer? and Kramer cover-up a telling glimpse into right-wing world and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has a history of protecting institutions where sex assault is concerned.

Wisconsin Republicans are holding firm against launching expulsion proceedings against this serial predator, now finally facing two criminal charges of sexual assault.
Facing Constitutional obstacles against GOP schemes obstructing Wisconsin voters, Scott Walker announced he would call lawmakers into a special session to pass another photo voter ID law before his reelection bid in November.

Walker called a photo voter ID law the most "pressing" election-related issue Wisconsin faces. (Spicuzza and DeFour. WSJ)

Walker also suggested the Constitutional guarantee of the right to vote should be conditioned on his  view of what the majority of Wisconsin citizens believe, an unusual doctrine on Wisconsin Suffrage.

Plumbing the depths of Republican politics, we learn preventing people from voting is surpassed in venality by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) who knew of and did nothing to stop or even report to police a sexual assault victim of serial perpetrator, Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha), three years ago (Stein, Marley and Bice. MJS). The woman was an aide to Johnson at the time.

Even as two other recent sexual assault victims of Kramer's have come to light in the last few weeks, Wisconsin Republicans refuse to commence expulsion proceedings to remove the former State Assembly Majority Leader.

Protecting sexual assault perpetrators and actually injuring their victims is a habit of Ron Johnson's.

Uppity Wisconsin reports "when Johnson was running for U.S. Senate (the) purportedly family-values, law-and-order Republican testified against the Wisconsin Child Victims Act, which would have eliminated the statute of limitations on lawsuits brought by victims of Catholic priest sexual abuse. The measure failed," because of Republican opposition protecting the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and its internal molestation protection outfit.

Back to Scott Walker.

Scott Walker did his worst in late March by signing a Republican bill obstructing Mesothelioma cancer victims, many of whom are veterans.

Reports Eoin Cottrell:
Advocacy groups representing over 100,000 Wisconsin veterans insisted the state Legislature amend a bill that will now affect thousands of veterans suffering from mesothelioma, according to Jason Johns, executive director of the Wisconsin Asbestos Victims Network.

Gov. Scott Walker signed the bill Thursday [March 27] that will create more hurdles for Wisconsinites seeking compensation for mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer contracted after repeated exposure to asbestos that disproportionately affects veterans.

Veterans make up 8 percent of the population but account for an estimated 30 percent of all mesothelioma deaths, according to the Wisconsin Military Order of the Purple Heart.
I guess if Scott Walker's former top aide and appointees embezzle from veterans, Walker's logic leads to the conclusion he signs legislation inflicting misery onto veterans suffering from mesothelioma cancer. That's a rule of inference I must have missed.

If you want to know to know how Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke feels about all this, Burke spokesman Joe Zepecki is sticking to his innovative communications strategy of going dark in the apparent hope the campaign's silence will somehow obliterate Scott Walker's reelection bid.

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