Dec 3, 2021

Democrats' Indescribably Obtuse, Do-nothing Reaction to Death of Women's Choice

As women lose their right to choose, the best congressional Democrats and Pres Biden can do, as reported by their leading cheerleader, is offer statements that they may be open to considering and looking at the issue but not doing anything. 

Democrats didn't say they are not going to do nothing; they said not doing nothing should be looked at. Confusing?

Read the Washington Post piece by Seung Min Kim, "More Democratic senators are willing to weigh changes to Supreme Court."

Following oral arguments on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) says: "And so the question becomes, well, what do we do about [this partisan court]? I’m not sure. But I don’t think the answer is nothing." 

The not-nothing party is on the job now with its collective vow to consider not doing nothing, now that Roe will soon be gone.

Here's another quote from a different leading Democrat light: "
I’m not ready to say we need to change the number of justices," Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) said. "[W]e need to take a look at how the court functions."

Here's another one: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.): "What happened yesterday forces all of us to rethink our views about the makeup of the court."

So, we have not doing nothing, looking at, and rethinking.

Why do Democrats talk this way? But it's not just talk.

Here's a hypothesis about the Democrat Party that can be tested by looking at the last time this collection of fit-to-be-strangled yahoos ran the federal government: Democrats don't really care about much beyond their self-aggrandizement, donor money and their personal piece of the pie.

Social media!, and not the corporate press, points out: Democrats did not even consider codifying Roe when they had unitary, super-majority control of government in 2009-2011.

Two years ago, in 2019, when Democrats appeared primed to take over Congress and the presidency, there was a buzz about coalescing, pledging and considering safeguarding women's choice.

How did that work out?

Someone asks me what to do about the corrupt judiciary and individual liberty, I say: Get rid of the corrupt bunch of yahoos on the Court, Congress and the Democrat-Republican parties.

Some free public relations advice: Discussion of the proposition that a woman is not entitled to autonomy of her body is to a sacrifice one's humanity.

It's a women's choice, end of fucking story.

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