Jun 25, 2018

Wisconsin Midterm Primary Voting Has Begun — Absentee Ballots Are Being Mailed

Madison, Wisconsin — Voting in the Wisconsin midterm primaries has begun.

Today, the Madison City Clerk reported absentee ballots for the Aug 14 Primary Election are being mailed to voters.

Absentee voting is expected to spike in the primary and general midterm elections as election clerks in metro voting districts have expanded in-person-absentee voting stations, (In These Times).

The Madison City Clerk sent out the following communication this morning:
Four out of the five most-populous Wisconsin cities are implementing or contemplating expanded voter access to the ballot box this summer. Green Bay, Wisconsin's third most populous city, has no such plans though it reportedly includes voter info in its water utility bills.

Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Wisconsin Republicans have passed dozens of laws intended to obstruct voters. Several voter obstruction laws have been successfully challenged in federal court by voting rights workers.

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