Jun 26, 2018

Capital Times Hands over News Columns, Takes Sides in Gov Democratic Primary

Matt Flynn is a candidate for the Democratic Party
nomination for Wisconsin governor. His work to reform
the criminal justice system has earned him the
opposition of the Madison Capital Times daily.

Capital Times goes bush-league

Madison, Wisconsin — Anyone wondering when the Wisconsin Democratic Party gubernatorial primary is going to get down-and-dirty can stop wondering. It's now.

Today, the Capital Times, a Madison, Wisconsin daily, delivered its news columns to oppose the most outspoken reformist of police-state Wisconsin, Matt Flynn.

The Capital Times fronted for unknown candidates, as its reporters, Katelyn Ferral and Jessie Opoien, penned a 2,500-word hit piece against Flynn, one day after absentee voting began.

The piece features political slurs by Madison State Reps. Chris Taylor and Melissa Sargent.

Who are Taylor and Sargent supporting for governor? Writers Ferral and Opoien don't say, and they don't ask.

They do note Taylor's former legislative aide is working for Tony Evers campaign, a Flynn opponent with an axe to grind, but not enough to kill a hit piece.

But Ferral and Opoien volunteer that "Flynn was adamant Monday that he would not exit the race," though Flynn is in second place in the latest Marquette Law School poll, and counts among his campaign supporters arguably the widest support across the state.

Writing a piece in a news column reporting a candidate will not exit the race is to invent a hypothetical campaign issue that does not exist except in the minds of campaign opponents.

Giving news columns in favor, or in opposition to a political campaign is considered, or used to be considered, pure taboo in a daily newspaper.

The credibility of the Capital Times news columns should proceed accordingly.

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