Mar 30, 2018

Scott Walker Does Not Understand Democracy and Voting Rights even After Three Judges Attempt to Explain

Confirmed—Scott Walker is not very bright, and does not
know much about public affairs or democracy.
Madison, Wisconsin—Blocking elections. Blocking voters. Gerrymandering. Transforming election law.

The list of Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans and only Republicans' opposition to fundamental rights and democratic norms keeps getting longer and more alarming.

Scott Walker's hostility to voters is also insidious as again Wisconsin is revealed as vulnerable to anti-democratic forces, Republicans, dedicated to blocking elections and obstructing voters. [Voters and pro-voter election personnel can expect more harassment from white poll workers and municipal police on April 3, Spring General Election.]

State appellate judge Paul Reilly, (a Waukesha Republican), humiliated Scott Walker in denying Walker's desperate motion by pointing out, "Representative government and the election of our representatives are never 'unnecessary,' never a 'waste of taxpayer resources.'"

If Reilly were trying to edify Scott Walker, he would have better luck shouting at the wind.

Scott Walker does not understand what elections and voting rights are.

Every anti-Scott Walker citizen who warned the career pol who never held a real job is opposed to democracy was again proven correct this week.

Even after Reilly denied Walker's 11th-hour motion, a sullen and uncomprehending Scott Walker declared the two special sections he was forced to call are "meaningless," (WTMJ).

Some 229,000 Wisconsin voters will now have representation for June, July, August, September, October, November, December and part of January 2019, in accordance with the law and Article III of the Wisconsin Constitution.

To Walker, this is meaningless.

Scott Walker
Scott Walker is opposed to democracy. Scott Walker does not understand democracy.

Put simply Scott Walker is a lightweight, a ridiculous figure.

Today is Friday and Walker has failed to post executive order #280, calling for the special elections after his dereliction of his oath of office.

The Republican Wisconsin Dept of Justice also has not presented a news update of the unprecedented legal victory for voters against Scott Walker and the Dept of Justice.

Wisconsin should be blinking red.

Gov. unintimidated is now uninformed, unprepared, hostile, petulant and corrupt.

Time for Article VII, Section 1 of the Wisconsin Constitution

The court for the trial of impeachments shall be composed of the senate. The assembly shall have the power of impeaching all civil officers of this state for corrupt conduct in office, or for crimes and misdemeanors; but a majority of all the members elected shall concur in an impeachment. On the trial of an impeachment against the governor, the lieutenant governor shall not act as a member of the court.

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  1. What else would we expect from a lifetime grifters who has never held a real job? This guy is about nothing but power and personal gain, which is why he cares more about tactics and game-playing over governing and improving people's lives.

    Vote DALLET on Tuesday to keep this lowlife and his GOP accomplices in check, then FIRE WALKER in November and make him get a real job for the first time in his life.