Aug 11, 2017

Wisconsin Rips Foxconn $3 Billion Boondoggle

Madison, Wisconsin — Ask folks in the northern two-thirds of this state what they could do with $3 billion to stimulate the economy and few would say, 'give it all to one Taiwanese corporation whose CEO calls Foxconn workers, "animals,'" (Marley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

Yet, this is precisely what Gov. Scott Walker is proposing as the national business press shakes its collective head and wonders how credulous are the Wisconsin people. Not so much, polling shows.

As Walker tries to ram through the largest public subsidy in Wisconsin history for the benefit of corporate bad guy, Foxconn, each day reveals another outrage.

From Jud Lounsbury in Uppity Wisconsin:

It's very simple math.

Approximately one-third of Foxconn jobs will be filled by people living in Illinois, which means that one-third of the whopping three billion that Wisconsin taxpayers will be spending will be going toward Illinois residents:  One billion.

It also means that every dime Illinois Foxconn workers earn will be spent and taxed in Illinois -- not Wisconsin.

The Fox Con is the most audacious scam in Wisconsin history and the word is spreading, (Foxconn or Fox Con, Say No to the Fox Con, Fox Con and Water).

Scott Walker is avoiding the public and retreating to rightwing radio, hoping desperation of workers under the Walker administration translates to don't ask questions about the $3 billion in public funds.

Said Allen Ruff, historian and social justice activist living in Madison:

"We understand, of course, that this proposed swindle is but the logical extension, the result of the effort to smash unions at the heart of 'Act 10' and the successful push to turn Wisconsin into a 'right to work' open shop state. Setting aside the tax subsidies and state's natural resources -- the availability of water needed for the production process and the plentiful sand needed for the operation's glass, Foxconn would not consider coming here if there wasn't a vulnerable and unprotected work force. Especially in light of the labor unrest that has swept through the company's Chinese factories in recent years,' (Facebook).

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