Jul 14, 2017

$ 7 Million Verdict in Wisconsin for Family of Woman Gunned Down by Police in 2014

The face of hate in Madison, Wisconsin wears military blue
and black. Killers, Justin Bailey and Gary Pihlaja, have bad
attitudes and they found a home with the local police.
Madison, Wisconsin — A jury in U.S. District Court in Wisconsin spoke loud and clear:

26-year-old Ashley DiPiazza need not have been gunned down by Madison police in 2014.  Post-911, unreasonable policing in which everyone is subject to lethal force by occupying military-police units must stop now.

For family and friends of Ashley DiPiazza, a record $7 Million verdict will do little to ease the trauma of losing a young woman to killers. Said Joe DiPiazza, Ashley's father: "She had just told me all her friends were married and had kids, and she felt a little left out. She’d ask, ‘Dad, what kind of mother do you think I’d make to my child?’ I told her she’d be great,'" (Schultz, Wisconsin State Journal).

The federal civil rights case, Estate of Ashley DiPiazza v. City of Madison, Justin Bailey, Gary Pihlaja, resulted in "$4 million in compensatory and $3 million in punitive damages," reports Rob Schultz, Wisconsin State Journal.

Ashley DiPiazza, 26, was gunned
down by Madison, Wisconsin
police in 2014
Even as the Wisconsin citizenry is increasingly saying, 'no' to police killing people, the local police union and Madison Police, 'never-saw-a-killer-cop-I-didn't-like' Mike Koval bemoaned without irony police now may have to think before killing people, (Schultz, Wisconsin State Journal).

Life is cheap for killers, Justin Bailey and Gary Pihlaja, Not so for most others. Reports Schultz, in the Wisconsin State Journal:

After the verdict, the jury heard friends and family members recall how DiPiazza had many friends, loved her family, was responsible and had a couple of relationships with young men that left her disheartened.

At the time of the shooting, DiPiazza also was grieving over the impending death of her mother, Michelle Duby, of Lake Geneva, who died of cancer two days after DiPiazza was killed, DiPiazza’s father said. 

A disheartened Ashley DiPiazza was gunned down by miserable people to whom life means little.

It's not supposed to be this way. But Ashley DiPiazza is just another stat on the Killed-by-Police chronicle of horror:
Ashley DiPiazza was killed by Wisconsin police in May 2014, (Killed by Police)

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