Jun 5, 2017

Madison Wisc Mayor, Paul Soglin, Eyes Challenge to Scott Walker for Gov

Paul Soglin, Madison, Wisconsin Mayor
Updated - Madison, Wisconsin — The political world in Wisconsin was treated to news this weekend hitting early Summer like a bomb.

Madison, Wisconsin Mayor Paul Soglin said this weekend he is considering running for governor in 2018, citing specifically the success of Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-Vermont), in winning Wisconsin in the 2016 presidential primary, (Sommerhauser, Wisconsin State Journal).

Soglin made his comments to the Wisconsin State Journal at the state Democratic Convention held in Madison.

Soglin would bring his spanning-decades administration of America's most livable city, an unemployment rate of some two percent, and a city remaining the Athens of the Midwest through Wisconsin's lost decade of 2011-precent.

A Soglin-Walker race would be an epic clash of cultures pitting an intellectual pragmatist with genuine vision in municipal policy and roots in the Civil Rights Movement against a religious fundamentalist who is vindictive against entire swaths of the state who oppose his authoritarian rule, and has made giving public resources of the Badger state to billionaires a center of adminstration.

Reports WISC-TV:

Soglin said that Madison's economic growth could be a focal point in his potential run for governor.  He said Walker takes credit for Wisconsin's job growth, despite much it occurring in Dane County.

'Almost two-thirds of all the jobs that have been created since Gov. Walker and I both took office in 2011 have been here in the Madison metropolitan area,' Soglin said.

The longtime mayor also pointed to accomplishments on homelessness, affordable housing and transportation.

'In the northern and western parts of the state, they've got the same challenges that we've dealt with here,' Soglin said. 

Economic growth, good schools, civil rights and Bernie Sanders. Sounds like the foundation for a place to call home.

Observers contacted this morning handicapping a Soglin-Walker race say the numbers are there for Soglin,

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