May 22, 2017

Door County Wisconsin: GOP Defiles Martha's Vineyard of the Midwest

Two futures for Door County Wisconsin: Life is in bloom
v. Our growing dead zones. Only one works for Wisconsin.
Attorney Ted Olson appeared on the national news shows back when federal litigation engaged the question whether states could deny marriage to same-gender couples, (Mal Contends).

In several appearances Olson was seen from Door County Wisconsin, a gorgeous retreat and destination in the northeastern Wisconsin peninsula jutting out into Lake Michigan.

Door County is another region of Wisconsin where generations-long families are attempting to sound the alarm about Republican-abetted water pollution and degradation, while at the same time telling vacationers to come to Door County. It's a mixed message.

If the Republican and Big Ag war on Wisconsin water continues apace, Door County will no longer face its public relations dilemma.

The war for clean, safe water will have been lost, as the lunatic in the White House continues to savage protections for clean water as well. Ted Olson will find another destination.

Former Door County Advocate editor out on his own since about last November, Lee Luft, is sounding the alarm. Wisconsin should listen.

From the Kewaunee County Comet:

In Door and Kewaunee Counties nearly every major waterway and water body is now listed on the EPA’s Impaired Waters List.

Not good. The column echoes concerns of 10,000s in the northeastern peninsula, yet reading Luft's prose resembles listening to a battered wife on TV afraid of retaliation from a felonious husband.

Luft laughingly presents the local Republican member of Congress as working to solve water-pollutions problems. Ahh, yeah.

Luft's warnings are necessary, but writing from fear of the toxic-toilet politicians and polluters is never a good posture

From the Door County Visitor Bureau comes word of Spring and early Summer, "Life is in bloom":

With 300 miles of shoreline, you can watch a sunrise and a sunset over the water without leaving the county. See thousands of acres of orchards, explore art galleries, devour delicious cherry pie, sip on local wines and brews, splash in the lake or paddle along the bluffs, stroll through five state parks or tour 11 historic lighthouses. No matter what you're looking to get out of your vacation, our 19 unique communities allow you to live life well.

Going to have to come up with a new slogan, if Republicans and polluters keep up their war against water.

Live life well just does not comport with millions of gallons of cow shit.

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  1. ...wake up DOOR...your going to get more cows and that means more liquid manure being spread onto and into your the deep is your soil...? What has happened in Kewaunee county is now moving NORTH...truck leave my county and drive north to dump...! Perhaps you should be asking YOUR LANDOWNERS to stop allowing manure to be dumped on their land....without land....these guys have a VERY BIG the landowner will control the destiny of your county and your way of life....MAN-UP....!