Mar 11, 2017

An Appeal for Safe Water from Colfax, Wisconsin

What kind of political party targets water?

'I've always felt that I had a 'forever clause' to have clean water to drink.'

Madison, Wisconsin—On March 15, some 100 people are expected to bus and drive from central Wisconsin to the state capitol building in Madison.

Small business owners, small farmers, used-to-be-retired folk, all kinds want assurance of safe, clean drinking, and surface water.

They face stiff opposition led by State Rep Scott Krug, (R-Nekoosa, Wisconsin) and other Republicans.

Republicans are pushing two bills that would decimate Wisconsin waters and offer protection to polluters and industrial interests that are literally sucking regions dry.
From Dick Lamers of Dunn County in northwestern Wisconsin:

Dear Legislators,


Reference: (Senate Bill 76, Assembly Bill 105)

Please stop and think about what these bills will do for your legacy and the impact it will have on the citizens of WI!

I don’t understand the justification for approving the unlimited use of water from our aquifers and the permit-approval process of these wells now being proposed with a 'forever' clause.

I’ve always felt that I had a 'forever clause' to have clean water to drink. That is one of the reasons I made a choice to move back to my home state. I was extremely proud of the environmental heritage that I remembered from my childhood and wanted it for my family. That is not the case for what I see happening today.

The 'Big Sell' used by some when this was last considered in 2016, was to keep talking about the 'certainty' of being able to pass on these permits to future buyers or family members (Corporations). There is no consideration for what happens when the permitted use causes catastrophic damage to the lives and well-being of their neighbors.

What about their certainty? When will you consider that this regulation has the potential of destroying whole communities? Who will stay in an area when the lakes dry up and people don’t have water to drink? (Companies buying bottled water for those affected is not a solution.)

These bills actually prohibit legal recourse when the use of these high-capacity wells prove to be detrimental to others.

Not allowing the research and study of the cumulative impact of these wells before approval or renewal, just passes the problem and harder decision making onto the next generation. If the 'greatest generation' helped develop our water ethics, then the least we can do is fight to uphold them.

I firmly believe one of your responsibilities in our society, is to protect me from these type of situations. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you STAND UP, LEAD, find a better way for ALL… of Your Constituents.

Please Vote No!

Respectfully submitted,

Dick Lamers
Colfax, WI 54730

Wisconsin Rivers

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