Feb 18, 2017

Trumpians Feel Emboldened

Black and brown folks need not stop by
Milwaukee, Wisconsin—The east side of Milwaukee is a vibrant cultural, entertainment and dining destination, an easy neighborhood to extol, not unlike Madison's Isthmus-State Street-Capitol neighborhoods.

But there is a nascent problem in the fashionable east side of Milwaukee in this age of Trump.

If you happen to drop by Whole Foods on the east side for a beer at the Whole Foods East Side Grill and you're black or brown, you're in the wrong place. Racism permeates the most charming of places.

From a Facebook post revealing what is a pattern of increasingly frequent hate incidents as whites become emboldened, pleased to mistreat ethnic minorities with the disdain held among some very stupid people, (including apparently employees at Whole Foods in Milwaukee):

I am feeling OUTRAGED at Whole Foods. My husband and a friend were having a beer and talking to two other guys. They were watching news about the Trump press conference. One man, who just happened to be Hispanic, was refused service. I mean, he had at [most] one beer and was clearly over the limit! And my husband, who happens to be African American, stood up for him. My husband and his friend were asked to leave as well. All were accompanied out by a store 'guard.' Now what Whole Foods didn’t know is both my husband and his friends are retired lawyers, and public defenders at that. They know their rights. So I challenge you. Is this the America you want?

Remember Martin Niemolle

When the Nazis came for the communists ...

Trump is unhinged. Do not believe for a moment Trump's retrograde supporters are tempered by rectitude and love of humanity.

As for Whole Foods, hate crime victims still have not heard from the manager to whom this complaint was communicated.

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