Aug 17, 2016

Donald Trump Whitesplains Milwaukee and Race to White Cheers

Visit West Bend, Wisconsin; decent, wholesome white
people away from the unpleasantness of Milwaukee

Traveling to West Bend, (White), Wisconsin for Some Home Cooking

- Audience member, Jack Beck of West Bend, said he hoped West Bend’s black population would not increase -

The spectacle of Scott Walker joining Donald Trump in Washington County Wisconsin to preach law and order to a white audience is cause for ridicule and if you watched the talk, a less-than-restful sleep.

"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump went to the suburbs Tuesday night to talk about America's inner cities, court African-American voters and lay out a plan to restore law and order in the country. 'I'm asking for the vote of every African-American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different and much better future,'" Trump said in West Bend last night, (Glauber, Herzog and Schwarz, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) .

Wisconsin Republicans, after gerrymandering the state legislative districts, have achieved electoral success the last five years through naked appeals to white resentment against blacks, and what's with all these brown-skinned faces now-a-days, don't we have enough of them too?

Trump's downward political trajectory cannot be altered though, and with Scott Walker Trump's awkward posturing on social justice and race is as credible as Walker's commitment to public education and Trump's knowledge of public policy. Republicans take about 69 percent of the vote in Washington County in statewide elections and the turn-out-the-white-racist vote can't get much better, (Wisconsin Elections Commission).

Trump's address came last night after 9:00 P.M. local time, about a hour and half late, but Trump's law-and-order exhortations telecast on CNN and MSNBC appeared to go over well with the 2,000 assembled white folk, (Alcindor, NYT).

"Trump declined to hold a public event in Milwaukee, where 40 percent of residents are black, and instead decided to speak here, where 95 percent of residents are white and where many had said they hoped Mr. Trump’s rally would be a chance to celebrate the police," writes the Times' Alcindor.

Alcindor offers a quote from Jack Beck, white and proud of it from West Bend, Wisconsin:

Jack Beck, 65, a retired bricklayer who lives in West Bend, said he planned to vote for Mr. Trump and did not blame him for making a low-key stop in Milwaukee, given the city’s racial tensions.

'Every night in Milwaukee, there is someone being shot, and they make nothing of that until a cop is involved, and then all of a sudden it’s always blamed on the cop,' said Mr. Beck, who added that he hoped West Bend’s black population would not increase. He tied much of the unrest in Milwaukee to his belief that black residents do not want to work hard and instead want to use police killings to get handouts from the government.

Jack Becks are everywhere in Wisconsin.

Blacks, their kind is mostly in Milwaukee and Dane County, but you know "they" breed and "they" can move. And "they" want to vote without knowing nothing, farking arseholes.

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