Aug 17, 2016

Dem VP Nominee Blasts Wisconsin Voter Obstruction

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine paid a surprise visit to Milwaukee and blasted Republicans in Wisconsin for voter obstruction.

"Your state officials here have been trying to put barriers up to participation. They’ve been trying to close down participation, rather than open it up," said Kaine, (Marley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

I wonder if Kaine and the Democratic Party know how bad it's become.

Local municipal voting districts are staffing up Party-named, out-of-district Republicans to administer elections at the polling place in an effort to control another level of government for the specific benefit of the Republican Party, and with the intent to obstruct unwanted voters, especially brown, black and young voters.

This writer has voted at Fitchburg Fire Station, Number 2, for some 15 years, working as a sworn election inspector, (contract employee), for some nine years, and I was prevented from voting for 35 minutes facing a gauntlet of four hostile, white election inspectors.

Never seen anything like it, but I'm guessing I will in November.

As noted in these pages, our state has some 3,583 voting precincts.

In 2011, Wisconsin Republicans decided to name their polling workers across the state, (Barbour, Wisconsin State Journal.

No Republican need live in the district of the polling place at which they are assigned to harass targets of opportunity.

Take some 3,500 voting sites, harass and obstruct non-Republicans across the state and Republicans have a decent suppression regime, if they can frustrate and obstruct even two people in each district.

Local municipal clerks, bureaucrats and typically not the brightest bulbs, will go along.

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