Jul 27, 2016

Wisconsin Clean Water Activists Post New Video, Enough Is Enough

Clean water advocates from across Wisconsin gathered
at the state capitol in Madison to demand clean and
safe water. Image is from a video filmed in November 2015
(Mal Contends)

Clean water assaults have citizens on edge

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
—Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Public Trust Doctrine Article 9, Section 1 of the Wisconsin Constitution states the waters are in trust for public purposes. The Public Trust Doctrine is the foundation of water law in Wisconsin, and it is under full-spectrum attack by Republicans.

To politicians' claims of 'we didn't know,' the cesspool of Republican politics becomes clear as children are rushed to hospitals because mothers bathed infants and toddlers in toxic bath water, (Seely, WisconsinWatch),

A child at a Wisconsin clean water rally holds a
sign reading A CAFO poisoned my water.
Image is from the Video, Enough Is Enough, by Eric Peterson
Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors from central Wisconsin is out this week with a video chronicling the fight for clean water in the Badger State.

People want fresh water and protections for their families from Big Ag operations, CAFOs. CAFOs are massive factories that render tourism and recreational regions economic and environmental moonscapes by poisoning groundwater and surface water.

Clean water advocates face a sophisticated political machine protecting polluters. Two pro-pollution Wisconsin state representatives are betraying
Bill Iwen of Kewaunee County, Wisconsin has his retirement
cut short by corporate polluter
their communities to protect corporations that direct pathogens into families' homes and environments. This is a simple fact that caused one polluters' protector, State Rep. Scott Krug, to threaten a libel suit against this site in 2014. Krug backed down.

The pro-polluters are State Rep. Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin) and State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa, Wisconsin). They are considered vulnerable Republicans despite representing gerrymandered districts drawn to elect Republicans, and are protected by their areas' corporate media.

From Criste Greening of Protect Wood County in central Wisconsin:

For those of us living in Saratoga and Rome and who have been in our fight from the beginning, it has been a long and emotional four years. Four years of frustration, long hours of travel, thousands of meetings, and complete mental and physical exhaustion.

Clean water drives are a common site in Kewaunee County
in northeastern Wisconsin.
However, there has also been life-long friendships made spanning the miles across our beautiful Wisconsin countryside. Connections that will not diminish and fade when this fight finally comes to an end.

Thank you Eric Peterson for producing such a heart wrenching video that brought me to tears. And thank you to all our brave citizen warriors across Wisconsin who are standing up and fighting back.

Lynn Utesch at center is a veteran, small farmer and clean water
activist. Utesch and family live in Kewaunee County
in northeastern Wisconsin. Utesch has launched a state assembly
against a prominent political shill for water polluters,
State Rep. Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin).

The new video produced by Eric Peterson of Protect Wood County is below. It chronicles the fight for clean water from people in northern Wisconsin, northeastern Wisconsin and central Wisconsin as citizens now see the normalization of water poisoning.

"I watched the people watching the video at the meeting last night and the emotion was strong; frustration with the weakening of our protections, anger at the people supposed to be protecting our environment, and encouragement with the power of our group and like minded citizens successfully making progress around our state," writes Don Ystad of Rome, Wisconsin in an email this morning.

Enough is Enough

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  1. This video needs to be shared with every citizen concerned for the future of our environment.