May 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Ready or Not, 'I'm the Nominee'

Never have I seen politician so steeped in her own sense of entitlement for nomination to public office as Hillary Clinton.

And I've seen some beauts in Wisconsin where I live.

"I will be the nominee for my party," Clinton said in an interview this week with CNN's Chris Cuomo. "That is already done, in effect. There is no way that I won't be," (CBS News).

Of course, Clinton has acclaimed her entitlement to the nomination since at least last August when her campaign sent down the message the Democratic Presidential Primary race is over, (Halperin, Epstein, Aug. 28, 2015; (BloombergPolitics)).

Whether Clinton is so pathetically lost in ego, (I mean "Ready for Hillary," who wrote that one?), that Clinton sees herself as a historical figure without which America cannot survive or Clinton is just another power-hungry junkie looking to line her pockets installed by another corrupt political party, it may be voters in the nine primaries and caucuses left to be decided want their voices heard and their votes counted.

Americans can be funny about hanging onto the last vestiges of democracy.

It may be the $100 million-plus amassed by the Clintons about which they are close-lipped will see Hillary Clinton destroyed as a nominee in the next eight weeks. See How Hillary and Bill Clinton Parlayed Decades of Public Service into Vast Wealth, (Gross, Fortune) and (Jilana, AlterNet).

It may be Clinton's militarism will finally come to light: "From her First Lady of Arkansas days on, she has been a gung ho supporter of nearly every military adventure that the United States has undertaken – until, as always happens, they take such a sour turn that there is no percentage in continuing to defend them," notes Andrew Levine at CounterPunch.

Or Hillary's racism.

It may well be people are striving for better than let-your-children-fight-my-wars Hillary Clinton and the fix of the Democratic Presidential Primary by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and will not vote for Clinton, should she be successfully installed as the nominee.

I am striving for better, and I won't vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances.

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