Apr 6, 2016

Wisconsin Post-Election Notes

Updated - Some notes from Wisconsin's April 5 presidential primary:

Bernie Sanders' resounding victory over Hillary Clinton and virtually the entire state Democratic Party establishment shows anew Sanders' ability to bring citizens into the electoral process who are young, independent and suspicious of concentrated wealth and special interests.

Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin's attempt to obstruct voters was successful. A legal counter-attack is pending and is expected to include new affidavits and data from last night in the federal case, One Wisconsin Institute et al v. Nichol, (Case No. 15-cv-324), expected to be heard next month in May 2106.
U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wisconsin) was caught on video explaining Wisconsin's photo voter ID law is going to help turn Wisconsin into a red state, (Benson, WTMJ, Wright and Scott, CNN).

Republicans still engage in the lie a vast number of voters impersonate other voters, although they remain unable to point to one case. The real objective of suppressing the vote remains clear: Keeping as many non-Republicans from voting as possible to keep Republicans in power.

A veteran election inspector, Al Potts of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, said partisan-inspired changes to Wisconsin election law in the last five years caused him to call it quits before the presidential primary.

“I won’t help perpetuate a fraud on voters," said Potts.

The Fitchburg Star has the story. 
"Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law Caused Major Problems at the Polls Last Night, Students waited hours to vote and longtime voters were turned away by the state’s new photo ID law," notes Ari Berman in The Nation.

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